Saturday, 30th September

9.00am Edward Jukes - R. I. P.

6.000pm The Michael Family (Merina)


26th Sunday (year A), 1st October

9.00am +Jk Larry Omoregie (Eki & Family)

11.00am+ John Earl (Margaret & Family)


Monday, 2nd October

8.30am The Bishop Family – living and dead

8.30am Hilary Jacobs – Sickness of Mind (Derek and Dean)


Tuesday, 3rd October

8.30am People of Ukraine and All Refugees (Phil and Kath)

8.30am The Sick of the Parish (Paul)

! 4.30pm Reception of the Body of Elaine


Wednesday, 4th October

8.30am + Peter Wall (Kathleen Richards and Family)

! 12.30pm Funeral Mass of Elaine Oberius


Thursday, 5th October

8.30am + Pauline McNally (Margaret) 

8.30am + Breda O’Sullivan

! 5.00pm Reception of the Body of Mary


Friday, 6th October

8.30am + Seamus Carter (the Finley Family)

8.30am + Thomas Punter (M. Smith)

! 11.00am Funeral Mass of Mary Bradly


Saturday, 7th October

9.00am La Salette Parishioners and Visitors

6.00pm + Nancy Keogh (Anne Starns)


27th Sunday (year A), 8th October

9.00am +Terry Murphy ( Gaiger Family) 

11.00am Sonia and Didier – 57th Wedding Anniversary