1st Sunday of Lent (year B), 18th February

Vigil - Sat 6.00pm +John Keogh (Anne)

9.00am Bob, Pauline & Family (Therese & Philip)

11.00am +Norman Koch - Anniversary


Monday, 19th February

8.30am Deceased and sick Ladies of La Salette (Margaret)

8.30am Michael Family


Tuesday, 20th February 

8.30am Derek – Special Intention (Jackie Webber)


Wednesday, 21st February 

8.30am +Brenda Maynard (Margaret Pigrem)


Thursday, 22nd February

8.30am Therese & Philip Crome (Josie & Family)


Friday, 23rd February

8.30am +Shaji Thomas

+ 7.00pm Stations of the Cross (led by the prayer group) followed by Mass


Saturday, 24th February

9.00am +Christine Shears (Derek)


2nd Sunday of Lent (year B), 25th February

Vigil - Sat 6.00pm +Patrick Sait

9.00am +Kevin Miller (The Family)

11.00am +John Murphy (Maura, John, Lisa & Family)