Saturday, 4th February 

9.00am Freedamsons Ltd Intention 

6.00pm Thanksgiving for Prayers Answered


5th Sunday, 5th February 

9.00am + Kelly Whitham – Savage 

11.00am + John Murphy (Lil)


Monday, 6th February 

8.30am + Nancy Poust (Cath)

8.30am + Kirk Humphry 


Tuesday, 7th February 

8.30am + All deceased Members of the Buckley & Daly Families  


Wednesday, 8th February 

8.30am + Anna Francis (Richard and Linda)

8.30am +  John Harte


Thursday, 9th February 

8.30am + Barbara Brockie (Richard and Linda)


Friday, 10th February 

8.30 Maureen

!! 9.30 am Funeral Mass of Charles Patrick O’Sullivan


Saturday, 11th February 

!! NO MASS in the morning 

6.00pm + Theresa Testa (Jasmin)


6th Sunday, 12th February 

9.00am Margaret Debono – special intention

11.00pm+ John Murphy (the Family)